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Online Tutoring is Safe

Although Online Tutoring is new to the South African Market, it has actually been around for many years now.

Learn in the comfort of your own home.

Now you can learn from the comfort of your own home with the knowledge that your children and your property is safe.

It is safe to get Online Tutoring.

Your children can stay at home and be free of the worry of letting a stranger into your home.

More info about Math Tutoring

Mathematics requires Tutoring and loads of practice

Some people can study Mathematics for an hour and for others an entire day and still not remember everything. The question is: Who are you? Mathematics is one of the most study intensive subjects that you can take.  Whether you excel in Mathematics at school or not, you can use the services of a tutor to either polish your edges or to uncover your foundational learning issues and fix them. Here you will learn what it takes to improve your Mathematics marks with a Mathematics Tutor.

Need a Math Tutor?

Are you asking the question: Why do I need a Mathematics Tutor?

Of course you are! Think an increase in 5-20%. Think no longer having to wonder how to pass. Think 80% instead of 60%. If you are taking Mathematics as a subject at school and you want to improve - then the simplest way to do that is to get a parent or friend to help you. Remember though that sometimes parents and friends are busy and they can sometimes make mistakes in Mathematics. That is where a Mathematics Tutor fits in. You can explain all of your weak areas to the Mathematics Tutor or simply work with your Mathematics Tutor to figure out where you're going wrong and develop a strategy that works for you.

Improve your marks?

How long will it take to see a change in my Mathematics mark?

If you're considering joining the Mathematics Online Tutoring small groups then make sure you understand how we work by joining in for a week and try out the Physical Science Online Tutoring classes first hand and decide for yourself whether you like how we work. It is very seldom that we see first time try-outs leave. Once you find a set of times on the Online Tutoring roster that suits you, be sure to book your lessons and get engaged with the rest of the class as you work through problems. We can not say exactly how long it will take to see a marked change however with practice and attendance we can safely say that within the first month of Mathematics Online Tutoring we have seen improvements across the board. Within 6 months your grades will stabilise and match your work ethic after all foundational issues have been mended. Thereafter you should consider maintaining your work effort and in turn maintain your Mathematics grade.

What is the Tutor class size?

How big are the Mathematics Online Tutoring classes?

There are 3 different ways to get a Mathematics Online Tutor.

You can pay for the Premium Service for Private Mathematics Online Tutoring where you work by yourself with a MathematicsTutor.

You can join one of the Mathematics Online Tutoring small group classes with peers of your own grade and of course we encourage friends. These classes are limited to 4 peers in a class.

You can also join the Mathematics Online Tutoring extra lessons where you can join daily Online Mathematics Tutoring lessons with a group of peers similar to the option above but at a 75% discount. These classes are limited to 10 peers in a class.

Want to Refer a friend?

Do I get a discount for referring friends and family to the Mathematics Online Tutoring Classes?


When you refer a friend you get 50% off a month of Mathematics Online Tutoring. Not only that, but your friend also gets 50% off of their first month of Mathematics Online Tutoring. The same works for families. If you have a brother or a sister, a cousin or an uncle who wants to get involved, when you refer them and they join, you both get 50% off a month of tutoring.